250W~255W Double Glass PV Module

Higher durability and reliability
1. Strong resistance to sand, acid and alkali
2. Superior mechanical properties and outstanding tear strength
3. Extremely low water absorption and permeability ensures its perfect performance in damp circumstance.

Faster return on investment
1. Excellent head dissipation and exceptionally high efficiency
2. Lifespan up to 30 years
3. System voltage is increased to more than 1500V.

Easier to install and use
1. Frameless module removes the need for grounding.
2. Hangers are provided to ensure fast and efficient installation.
3. Self-cleaning performance for ease of daily maintenance

Warranties (25 years)
1. 10-year limited product warranty
2. Limited function warranty
10-year module output power: no less than 90% of the peak power
25-year module output power: no less than 80% of the peak power

Electrical test data (test condition: STC)
Module type RS250P660 RS255P660
Max. power (w) 250W 255W
Max. power tolerance % 0~+3% 0~+3%
Max. power voltage Vmpp(v) 30.30 30.40
Max. power current Impp(A) 8.26 8.39
Open circuit voltage Voc(v) 37.50 37.70
Short circuit voltage Isc(A) 8.90 9.05
Optical conversion efficiency >15.20% >15.50%
Electrical test data (test condition: NOCT)
Module type RS250P660 RS255P660
Max. power (w) 186.30 193.20
Max. power voltage Vmpp(v) 27.60 27.80
Max. power current Impp(A) 6.75 6.95
Open circuit voltage Voc(v) 34.50 34.60
Short circuit voltage Isc(A) 7.24 7.45
Temperature coefficients (Tc)
NOCT 45℃±2℃
Open circuit voltage temperature coefficients (ß) -0.33%/℃
Short circuit voltage temperature coefficients (ɑ) +0.033%/℃
Module power temperature coefficients -0.39%/℃
Allowable working conditions
Max. system voltage 1000VDC
Operating temperature range -40℃~+85℃
Max. (surface) load capacity 5400pa IEC61215
Impact resistance Maximum diameter of 25 mm with impact speed of 23 m/s
Product description
Cell type Polycrystalline, 156×156mm (6×10), 3BB/4BB
Junction box IP67, 3 bypass diodes
Front panel glass 2.50
Back panel glass 2.50
Interlayer 0.76
Cables/connectors Positive electrode 270 100
Dimension 1658×992×6.3mm
Weight 24.5KG
About packaging
Truck type 13 m transport truck 17.5 m transport truck
Module thickness 6.3mm 6.3mm
Pieces per carbon 28 38
Number of pieces 840 1140
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