Hydrogen Cooled Turbine Generator

By introducing, digesting and absorbing the technology of hydrogen cooled turbine generator of Westinghouse Electric, Shanghai Electric independently developed hydrogen cooled turbine generator which has completely independent intellectual property rights. Stator winding, rotor winding and stator core are cooled by hydrogen. And the capacity of hydrogen cooled turbine generator covers 230MW ~ 470MW. Its performance and reliability reach world-leading level.

Technical Parameters

• Rated power: 250 MW
• Rated voltage: 18 kV
• Rated current: 9434 A
• Power factor: 0.85(Lag)
• frequency: 50 Hz
• Rotating speed: 3000 r/min
• Insulation class: F
• Excitation mode: Static excitation

Leading Position in the Industrial Fields

The efficiency of hydrogen cooled turbine generator is as high as 98.9%. And the temperature rise of each component is low, which can contribute to environmental protection and energy conservation. Its various performance indicators reach or surpass related international standards or domestic standards, and it reaches the world leading level.

Production Capacity and Achievements

Hydrogen cooled turbine generator is mainly applied in Shandong Shi Heng power plant, Guangdong Sha angle power plant, Henan Yu state power plant. And it is also applied in Birode Power Plant in India.

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