660MW 1000MW Reheat Steam Turbine

1. Units type: Ultra supercritical, double reheating, single axis, five-cylinder four-exhaust
2. Main steam pressure is 31MPa and main steam temperature is 600 ℃. In addition, one-time or two-time reheat steam temperature is 600/610/620 ℃.
3. 660MW 1000MW reheat steam turbine is the world's first million class double reheat units and it becomes a new global benchmark in thermal power industry.
4. Through the use of double reheating technology, 660MW 1000MW reheat steam turbine has excellent performance and it becomes the world's best thermal power unit.

Technical Advantages
  • The capacity of steam turbine of our company covers 50 to 1240MW. And our company has comprehensive and serialization products. The parameters of these products cover subcritical to ultra supercritical secondary reheat. At present, the main steam pressure is up to 31 MPa and the main steam temperature can reach 600 ° C. In addition, reheat steam temperature can reach 620 ℃. The product of our company ranks the top in the world.
  • Our products have a series of advantages, such as excellent performance and reliability, efficient, high availability, easy maintenance, maintenance takes less time, flexible operation, fast start and so on. At present, we have a number of technologies ranking the forefront of the world.
  • Our company has a lot of excellent achievements, including the world's first million kilowatts double reheat unit(Taizhou Power Plant 3 #, 4 #) and China's first ultra supercritical units whose reheat steam temperature reaches 620 ℃(Tianji Power Plant 3 #, 4 #), which has a good demonstration and leading effect for other companies in the industry.
Leading Position in the Industrial Fields
  • STW is the predecessor of STP which belongs to Shanghai Electric Group. STW is founded in 1953. And it is the cradle of steam turbine industry of China- -first steam turbine manufacturing enterprises of China.
  • STP not only has decades of experience in steam turbine design and manufacturing, but also it continues to enhance R & D technology, manufacturing technology and management technology. Currently, it can independently design and manufacture world advanced 50MW~1240MW subcritical, supercritical and ultra-supercritical, single and double reheating thermal power products.
Production Capacity and Achievements
  • With world advanced technology and domestically leading engineering management, STP not only makes the company operate efficiently, but also it makes technology and business under strict control. Now it forms integral production system and scientific management system which can meet market demand on product performance and delivery time.
  • The annual capacity of various types of steam turbines has exceeded 40 million kilowatts, accounting for more than 40% share of China's steam turbine market. At present, the products have been exported to India, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries and regions.
  • The yield and sales of STP have entered the world's top four in 1995. And from the beginning of 2002, it has reached the top in the world. At present, it has provided more than 1,000 sets of all kinds of steam turbine products.
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