Smart Grid Solution

Integrated Solution of Smart Grid:
The integrated solution of smart grid in Shanghai Electric covers all links, including new energy control and access, electric energy quality management, transmission and power transformation and urban smart power supply and utilization. It can provide power transmission and transformation primary equipment and electric energy quality control equipment that make up smart grid frame and new energy control system, power supply and consumption management system and micro-grid energy management system realizing intellectual functions. Moreover, it possesses perfect electric power engineering services and can provide the one-stop solution of design, equipment, project and maintenance for the user.

    Smart power supply and consumption system solution:

  • The power distribution network automatic management system provided by Shanghai Electric can monitor, protect and excellently operate the power distribution network system.
  • The smart switchgear and box-type substation provided by Shanghai Electric can conduct real-time online monitoring for the switchgear and box-type substation on key nodes of distribution network and entire life-cycle management during the equipment service cycle.
  • The smart power consumption management system provided by Shanghai Electric can realize the intelligent management of user load. As a result, the user can monitor electrical conditions under different loads in real time to guarantee power utilization reliability of important electrical load.
  • The micro-grid energy management and control and protection system provided by Shanghai Electric can realize energy efficiency and comprehensive recycling under multiple models of cooling, heating and power for renewable energy, such as solar power and wind power. Thus, the user can enjoy reliable green electricity services.
  • Shanghai Electric can provide integrated solution of smart power supply and consumption system that includes all links for supporting the smart city.
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