Heavy Duty Gas Turbine

1. SEPG's heavy-duty gas turbines possess high efficiency, high power and high flexibility, securing its leading market share in China. Towards the end of May 2015, the Company had received a total of 44 orders for F class gas turbines, 18 orders for E class gas turbines, and the only order for an E class IGCC host device in China, making it the provider that receives the most the steam turbine orders.

2. It is also delightful to mention that in 2014, SEPG acquired a 40% share in the Italian power engineering company Ansaldo Energia and together established two jointly-owned subsidiaries. This allowed the Group to progress with R&D, production, installation, testing, maintenance, service and sales of AE series gas turbines based on a common R&D platform and two manufacturing bases. Since then, SEPG has become the only enterprise in China that controls the full-range key technology of heavy-duty gas turbines, greatly motivating the industry development of heave-duty gas turbines in China.

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