F-Class AE64.3A Gas Turbine

The gas turbines are mainly applied to the fields of power generation, transportation and industrial production. Gas turbines include lightweight gas turbines and heavy-duty gas turbines. Lightweight gas turbines are aero-engine type, advantages of which include quick installation, small size, quick startup and high cycle efficiency. It is mainly used for power peak regulation and sea vessel power generation.

F-Class AE64.3A Gas Turbine
Pressure ratio: 18.2
GT thrust force (MW): 78
GT efficiency (%): 36.2
CCPP thrust force (MW): 114
CCPP efficiency (%): 54.0

Performance Parameter
Gas Turbine Power Output 79 MW
Gas Turbine Effciency 36.5%
NOx Emission ≤30 mg/Nm3
Fuel Gas Consumption 6.2 Nm3/s
Steam Consumption Rate 5.1 kWh/Nm3
Turbine Exhaust Temperature 579°C
Exhaust Gas Mass Flow 216kg/s
Size 5.9m×3.1m×3.1m
Weight 60.6t
*ISO-Ambient condition without inlet and exhaust pressure losses
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