E-Class AE94.2 Gas Turbine

E-Class AE94.2 gas turbines have the advantages of high efficiency and high power, small size, low investment and operating cost, long service life, etc. The gas turbines are mainly applied to the fields of power generation, transportation and industrial production.

E-Class AE94.2 Gas Turbines
Pressure ratio: 12.0
GT thrust force (MW): 185
GT efficiency (%): 36.2
CCPP thrust force (MW): 266
CCPP efficiency (%): 52.5

Performance Parameter
Gas Turbine Power Output 310 MW
Gas Turbine Effciency 40%
NOx Emission ≤30 mg/Nm3
Fuel Gas Consumption Rate 22 Nm3/s
Steam Consumption Rate 5.7 kWh/Nm3
Turbine Exhaust Temperature 576°C
Exhaust Gas Mass Flow 750kg/s
Size 10.8m×5.05m×4.9m
Weight 316.6t
*ISO-Ambient condition without inlet and exhaust pressure losses
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