Feedwater Heater

1. High pressure & low pressure feedwater heater is one of the most important auxiliary equipment of the regenerative system of power plant. And it is a kind of heat exchange equipment which can improve thermal efficiency by using the steam of steam turbines to heat feed water.
2. In recent years, our company developed a new 600 MW ultra supercritical stainless steel heater (high-pressure and low pressure) for the demand of overseas market.
3. The feedwater heater can meet the requirements of various standards, including PED, IBR and ASME.
4. At the same time, our company developed high pressure feedwater heater which has a serpentine tube and the heater is applied for 1000MW and above ultra supercritical units.
5. This kind of high pressure heater has the characteristics of good thermal shock resistance, fast rate of temperature rise and long service life.

Technical Advantages
  • In order to improve the effect of heat transfer and reduce the flow resistance, we choose the best flow rates of steam and water by using advanced design calculation method. The design includes pipe system vibration calculations and shell support-specific seismic calculations. The performance of feedwater heater is guaranteed through lot of experience in design and operation.
  • In order to prevent the vortex damaging tube end, a special stainless steel housing is installed on the inlet port of the U-shaped heat transfer tube.
  • In order to improve heat transfer efficiency and prevent corrosion of internal parts, we use an exclusive built-in air exhausting system to exclude the non-condensed gas of shell.
  • In order to prevent the water from directly corroding the tube, a special vaporizer is set at the inlet port. In addition, we will separate the water and steam and guide them into different condensation sections.
Leading Position in the Industrial Fields

Feedwater heater has two structures: horizontal structure and vertical structure. By using the most advanced independent research and development technology, our company developed a series of products which can meet the demand of international and domestic market. The product which possesses excellent safety, reliability and performance reaches the international advanced level and possesses the largest market share.

Production Capacity and Achievements
  • Annual output of high pressure feedwater heater is 11.11 million kilowatt and annual output of low pressure feedwater heater is 3.17 million kilowatt.
  • 300 MW unit at the Rosa Power Plant in India
  • 300 MW nuclear power unit at the Chashma in Pakistan
  • 600 MW nuclear power unit at the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
  • 600 MW unit at the Shidongkou Power Plant
  • 660 MW unit at the Wangting Power Plant
  • 600 MW unit at the HISAR Power Plant in India
  • 1,000 MW unit at the Yuhuan Power Plant
  • 1,000 MW unit at Phase 3 of the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant project
  • 1,000 MW unit at the Shanghai Caojing Power Plant
  • 1,000 MW nuclear power unit at phase 2 of the Lingao Power Plant project
  • 1,000 MW nuclear power unit at the Yangjiang Power Plant
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