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Gas Fired Power Generation Equipment

Shanghai Electric Group Co. is the only enterprise in China that has received various orders for E class gas turbines, F class gas turbines and IGCC gas turbines. Shanghai Electric is the main supplier of E class IGCC gas turbines for Phase I of the Huaneng Green coal-fired power generation project. The gas turbines supplied by Shanghai Electric were delivered to field in August, 2010 and then was in equipment installation phase. In September, Shanghai Boiler Work s, Ltd. as a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Group successfully produced the first key component of gasifier for the green coal-fired power project, demonstrating gasifier products designed by Shanghai Electric made a history breakthrough. In 2010, Shanghai Electric signed the first complete gas turbines supply agreement with Siemens. With new assembly workshop of gas turbines coming into use, Shanghai Electric now has the capacity to produce and supply 24 gas turbine units annually.