Waste Heat Recovery Unit

    1. Feedwater Heater
      High pressure & low pressure feedwater heater is one of the most important auxiliary equipment of the regenerative system of power plant. And it is a kind of heat exchange equipment which can improve thermal efficiency by using the steam of steam turbines to heat feed water.
    1. Condenser
      The condenser is suitable for coal fired thermal power units, gas turbine units and nuclear power units, including million class double reheat ultra supercritical unit, CPR1000、AP1000、ACP1000、EPR. The arrangement of heat exchanger of our company has independent intellectual property rights.
    1. Deaerator, Water Storage Tank
      The deaerator and water storage tank have two main forms: integrated spray deaerator and spray-tray deaerator. And the integrated spray deaerator which effectively combines the functions of deaerator and water tank is an advanced integrated mono-vessel deaerator in the world.