Boiler Projects

660~300MW Thermal Power Boilers
300MW CFB 300MW Class
Main steam flow: 1000t/h Main steam flow:1000-1200t/h
Main steam pressure: 17.4Mpa Main steam pressure: 17.4-18.6
Main steam temperature: 540℃ Main steam temperature: 540℃
Produce experience :22 Products experience : 301
600MW Class
Main steam flow: 2000t/h
Main steam pressure: 17.4/25.4
Main steam temperature:540/571℃
Product experience : 212
1000MW Thermal Power Boilers
1000MW – Tower 1000MW – π
Main steam flow: 3000t/h Main steam flow: 3000t/h
Main steam pressure:28.0Mpa Main steam pressure:27.6Mpa
Main steam temperature:605℃ Main steam temperature : 605℃
Product experience: 46 Product experience: 18
Other Thermal Power Boilers
50MW Class 135MW Class
Main steam flow : 220-280t/h Main steam flow : 420-680t/h
Main steam pressure : 9.8Mpa Main steam pressure: 13.7-14.3
Main steam temperature : 540 ℃ Main steam temperature: 540℃
Products experience : 197 Products experience : 322
Main steam flow : 220t/h Main steam flow: 420 t/h
Main steam pressure: 9.8Mpa Main steam pressure : 13.7Mpa
Main steam temperature : 540℃ Main steam temperature : 540 ℃
Produce experience: 32 Produce experience:47(400-490t/h) 8(670-690t/h)

By the end of 2009, Shanghai Electric had supplied a total of 1,338 boiler units, representing a total installed capacity of 206.46 million kilowatts.

Shanghai Electric is the earliest major state-owned enterprise established by China for the design and manufacturing of utility boilers. The group has strong design, manufacturing, service and management teams. It possesses first-class manufacturing and an inspection facilities compared with its domestic and international counterparts. Its product quality has achieved internationally advanced levels. The products are sold throughout China and in more than 20 countries such as the USA, Canada, Egypt, Japan, India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Singapore.

  • Ultra-supercritical boiler
  • Ultra-supercritical boiler
  • Brown coal boiler
  • Arch fired boiler
  • Utility boilers
  • Industry boilers
  • CFB
  • HRSG
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