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Sustainable Development

Improving Shanghai Electric's R&D System

Technological innovation is a top priority of Shanghai Electric and much of that innovation revolves around improving efficiency and developing clean energy products. In January of 2011, Shanghai Electric held a conference to promote a new R&D system. In addition to this new way of doing things, the company established a technology management department near the end of September 2011, constructing a brand new institutional framework for energy equipment development.

Promoting the high-tech industry
Shanghai Electric focuses on high efficiency clean energy, new energy, and heavy industrial equipment to promote high-tech industrialization efforts that are effective and ultimately sustainable. Our development endeavors are large scale efforts that play a major role in national economic strategies.

High Efficiency and Clean Energy

The company completed R&D for a combustion engine and gasifier for China's first IGCC demonstration project. The prototypes were fabricated and transported to the site where the engine was ignited successfully. Additionally, a 1,700mm blade designed for conventional nuclear power islands was approved by a review panel of the Chinese Society of Power Engineering (CSPE), once again proving Shanghai Electric's ability to stay ahead of the curve in product development. The blade was accepted by the Shanghai Authority on Industrialization and New and High Technologies.

Also, the development and production of a 500 ton stator support (for use with one million kilowatt nuclear power generators), signifies our capacity to realize solutions for any of our equipment needs in a timely manner.

New Energy

An independently designed 3.6 MW offshore wind turbine was installed at the wind farm near the Donghai Bridge. The company is one of the first enterprises permitted by the Chinese government to develop applications for offshore wind power, and in 2011 bid successfully on phase 2 (an expansion) of the Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm project.

In regard to key equipment for nuclear islands, after the completion and approval of China's first domestically produced one million kilowatt CPR1000 nuclear reactor internal components in 2010, the entire sets of forgings for the world's first set of AP1000 pressurizers and high-temperature air cooled reactor pressure vessels were shipped by Shanghai Electric. The company has the capacity to deliver batches of stainless steel reactor internal components according to customer requirements. All of this is completed in order to supply customers with a means to produce energy in mass quantities while reducing or eliminating harmful environmental effects.

Industrial Equipment

In addition to the excellent power generation equipment produced by Shanghai Electric, we also manufacture high quality machine tools and other industrial equipment. Our ultra-heavy-duty precision CNC roll grinders, precision cylindrical grinders with axial parts, precision composite CNC grinders, are all approved by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co. has undertaken projects in regard to the R&D and production of high-speed elevators and automatic escalators as part of the Shanghai municipal program for new technologies. Some of these outstanding projects including the LEHY-H high-speed (6.0m/s) passenger elevator and HEII automatic escalators were tested, accepted and have entered the trial production stage. The successful completion of this project laid a solid foundation for future developments for high efficiency elevator production.