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The largest comprehensive equipment manufacturing group in China engaged in win-win business cooperation all over the world.

The middle of the 19th century saw the start of the domestic Chinese equipment manufacturing industry in Shanghai. Over the past 100 years, Shanghai Electric has witnessed the industry's full course of development from infancy to maturity, especially it's rapid and unprecedented growth over the past 60 years. Currently Shanghai Electric has established itself as a domestic leader in this field and is confidently and resolutely taking it's place among an elite international community of equipment manufacturers.

Shanghai Electric, as the largest comprehensive equipment manufacturing group in China, undertakes the mission of the rise of national energy equipment manufacturing, of the creation of wealth for shareholders, the seeking of staff development and the creation of values for society. Shanghai Electric is going forward stably in promoting economic development, environmental improvement and social progress. The Company is currently focused on the energy industry as it's core business, and is committed to being an active player in the promotion of environmentally friendly business practices. Shanghai Electric currently supports and promotes the concepts of green manufacturing and a low carbon economy, as well as continuing to develop equipment for new energy, cleaner energy and energy conservation.

Shanghai Electric adheres to the concepts of "innovation, environmental friendliness and the creation of win-win scenarios." The Company aims to create values for shareholders, economic returns for cooperation partners, wellbeing for staff and a more environmentally friendly world for everyone. "Investors create our Company, customers create our products, employees create corporate growth, and society creates the market environment. Let all creators and us work together hand in hand through the use of Shanghai Electric's world class equipment to create a wonderful future for us all".