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Environmental Protection

Shanghai Electric has employed innovative designs and techniques to encourage energy conservation and environment friendly operation. With a focus on green manufacturing, the company has been an active player in developing high efficiency and clean energy oriented industrial equipment to alleviate global energy issues. SE places a strong emphasis on corporate and social responsibility.

High Efficiency and Clean Thermal Power

The one million kilowatt ultra-supercritical thermal power generator is an amazing piece of machinery that has surpassed all other power generation equipment in China in terms of single unit capacity, operational performance and efficiency.

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)

IGCC simply refers to the process in which coal is gasified, and the resulting gas is used to power a turbine and create electricity. This is a relatively clean process that yields a high level of power generation while filtering out harmful substances within coal. The advanced filtration system removes more than 98% of pollutants and can remove high concentrations of sulfur that can be recycled.

The Huaneng IGCC demonstration project in Tianjin is the first such project which has been independently designed, manufactured and installed by Chinese suppliers (with Shanghai Electric as the main equipment supplier). SEC has completed the technological development of the steam combustion engine and gasifier for China's first IGCC demonstration project.

Offshore Wind Power

In 2011, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment saw an increase in orders of 145% compared to the previous year.Its in-house designed 3.6MW offshore prototype wind turbine is the largest single unit capacity wind power generator currently used in commercial offshore operations.

Shanghai Electric's wind turbine design platform and R&D system have made great strides in improving domestic Chinese capabilities in regard to large scale wind turbine design technology.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is a major source of green energy. Relatively small amounts of material can be used to create massive amounts of electrical energy. Shanghai Electric has contributed a great deal to development of China's nuclear power capabilities with the design of the 300,000 kilowatt, 600,000 kilowatt and 1 million kilowatt nuclear power generators. This nuclear machinery includes high-temperature air cooled reactors and experimental fast reactors. Shanghai Electric is the largest domestic supplier of nuclear reactor internals and control rod drive mechanisms, with a market share for these two types of products exceeding 90%. Additionally, the company is also the largest supplier of nuclear island primary equipment in China with a market share of 47%. All nuclear island and conventional island equipment and components provided by Shanghai Electric and installed at power plants designed and produced to maximize safety and reliability.