Boiler Feed Water Pump

The CHTC/CH type high-pressure boiler feed water pump (power plant) is a second generation boiler pump and represents the most advanced pump technology of KSB Group.

This pump is an amazing combination of efficiency and reliability. It can handle constant pressure during operation without worry. The pump was designed with practical safety and maintenance reduction features, making it the ideal choice for any boiler installation.

    Design features:

  • Advanced modular design with interchangeable components for minimal downtime and simple maintenance.
  • Fast assembly and disassembly, facilitating simple replacement of sealing, bearing and balancing components without removing the pump body and the inlet/outlet pipelines.
  • A combination of high efficiency, high reliability and low cost.
  • Best fit between the impeller and guide vane, the HG type high-pressure multi-stage centrifugal pump can maintain high stability and operation efficiency even after a long-term operation.
  • The excellent hydraulic impeller model or special double-entry impeller structure remove the need for additional booster pumps or raised water height.
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