Denitrification Solution

For integration of environment-protection industry, Shanghai Boiler Works Ltd. unifies the management of Shanghai Electric's businesses. Thus, they may supply more coordinated and more reliable denitration devices for systems of power generation plant.

At present, our main denitration technologies include low-nitrogen combustion, SNCR, SCR and optimized combination of above denitration technologies. We have undertaken projects with capacity ranging from 7 MW to 1000 MW of a single unit.

Overview and Features of SCR:

The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) method is the most widely applied denitration technology in the world.
Benefits are as follows:
High efficiency of denitration;
Simple technological process, compact reactor;
Easy operation and maintenance, high reliability;
No by-product, no secondary pollution;
Many catalyst shapes and reactor designs to meet the requirements of various conditions

Basic Flow Chart of SCR
Overview and Features of SNCR:

In response to different conditions, SNCR is more suitable for some special units, without catalyst and independent reactor, with boiler furnace as reactor.
Small floor area
Catalyst is not necessary
Low investment, low operating costs
Not sensitive to variation in coal rank
Short construction period, simple construction (modular structure)
No need to replace induced draft fan
Lower Denitration efficiency than SCR

Higher Ammonia rate of escape than SCR
Advanced Composite Air Staging Low-NOx and –Nitrogen Combustion:

Using deep air staging combustion technology as the first choice of the NOx control of a coal-fired power plant, we distribute two layers of separating and combusted air on the main burner. With low nitrogen combustion technology, the denitration facility will be constructed later if the NOx emission concentration fails to reach the standards or cannot meet the requirements of total control.
Low NOx emission
High combustion efficiency
Increased low-load combustion stability
Reduced slag and high-temperature corrosion

Graph of advanced composite air staging low-NOx and –Nitrogen combustion
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