Renewable Energy Access System

The Group has achieved a breakthrough in R&D innovations in the field of new energy, as evidenced by the independently designed 1.25MW, 2MW, 3.6MW, and 5MW wind power converters and main controllers. These products have been put into operation at wind farms in Shan'Xi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Yunnan. Inaddition, wind power pitch systems and energy storage systems have been trial tested and produced. 2MW conversion controllers have passed low-voltage traverse tests organized by State Grid Electric Power Research Institute. 3.6 MW marine control systems have been put into parallel operation at the wind farm near the Donghai Bridge. The Group's technology center (nationally approved, enterprise-level) has been innovating with access systems for new energies, and creating integrated solutions for wind power control systems for new energy in 2012, realizing achievements through technological upgrading. This internationally advanced solution integrates the functions of a main controller, pitch controller and converter to further coordinate the work of wind power equipment, bringing customers more updated, reliable, and maintainable services. ​

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