Castings and Forgings

    1. Large Marine Crankshaft Forgings
      Large marine crankshaft forgings are vital components for high-powered, low-speed diesel engines. We provide a wide range of crankshaft forgings for nearly any specifications.
    1. Power Plant Castings and Forgings
      Power plant castings and forgings mainly include various rotors for turbines and motors, retaining rings and steam cylinders. Shanghai Electric has the capability to provide castings and forgings for 300-1000 MW power units, including steam turbine rotors.
    1. Nuclear Forgings
      The quality of the nuclear power equipment depends heavily on the quality of its nuclear forgings, therefore we take great care to employ the utmost care and precision when manufacturing and inspecting these components.
    1. Grinding Mill Housing
      Mill housings require a large and complex frame with strict machining requirements. We produce these housings with high quality #45 carbon steel.
    1. Gas Turbine Forgings
      Nickel-based Alloy Forgings:
      Incoloy 901(GH4698)/907/909
      Incoloy 625(GH3039)