Electric Power Service System

EPC Engineering Services

The Group has undertaken EPC engineering services for international and domestic large-scale power transmission and distribution projects, equipment assembly projects in over 10 countries and regions in Asia and Africa, and provided multi-layered and systematic service training systems for consultancy services, technology and management services pertaining to power grid construction. The Group remains devoted to developing one-stop services ranging from EPC engineering, technical training and after-sale services.

3rd-Party Testing Center

The third party testing agency is the SEPG Power T & D Testing Centre Co., Ltd which is professionally committed to the testing and R&D on high-voltage electrical products and equipment. It is a CNAS-certified third party testing agency with an independent legal entity.

Power Equipment Services

As a strategic partner for power companies, the Company, guided by the concepts of modernization, professionalism and service promotion, provides quality maintenance services for power grid equipment, by utilizing the resources for equipment manufacturing, and expanding electrical equipment production and supply.

Emergency Maintenance Services

The Group provides emergency response services against extreme weather conditions in the hot summer and cold winter, and has been continuously improving emergency service systems and the quality of maintenance services.

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