Power Transformer

Combining the imported technology and its own R&D capabilities, the Group manufactures the highest quality transformers in the world, including: ±1100kV ultra high-voltage DC current and ±800kV HVDC transformer, ultra high-voltage (750kV, 500kV and 330kV) and high-voltage (220kV and 110kV) power transformers, and under 750kV parallel electric reactors. To make contribution to the development of the power industry in China, the Group has responded actively to the Chinese national energy strategy of promoting new products that operate at and under 35kV, preserving energy and reducing consumption. The Group also aims to continuously innovate product types and upgrades product energy levels under the guidance of the concepts of "product reliability enhancement, equipment intelligence improvement, material utilization improvement, and energy consumption reduction."

Our Manufacturing Group
Shanghai Nan Qiao Transformer Co., Ltd
Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd
SEC Alstom (Shanghai Baoshan) Transformers Co., Ltd
SEC Alstom (Wuhan) Transformers Co., Ltd
Shanghai Electric Alstom Lingang Transformer Co., Ltd

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