Air Cooled Condenser

1. Direct cooling products can be divided into two types: mechanical ventilation direct air cooling system (A type structure or hexagonal) and natural ventilation direct air cooling system.
2. In the mechanical ventilation direct air cooling system, the air which works as a cooling medium condenses the exhaust steam by flowing outside a finned tube. The direct air cooled condenser is composed of cooling units which are arranged side by side. Each cooling unit equipped with a forced ventilation axial-flow fan incorporates several bundles of finned tubes and it is able to make the cooled air flow across the heated surfaces of the finned tubes. The core technology of direct air cooled system is finned tubes and the quality of finned tubes can determine the performance and life of the air cooling system. The SEC-SPX Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. provides single-row tube (SRC®) technology--aluminum fins brazed on large flat tubes.
3. Mechanical ventilation direct air cooling systems are widely used in power plants of different types and waste regeneration factories. SEC-SPX is the earliest company to apply single-row tube technology and it has more than 20 years of operating experience. It not only has a mature single-row tube technology, but also but it continues to innovate and improve the technology. And it always maintains a leading position.
4. Mechanical ventilation direct air cooling system is a very common way of air cooling. Up to now, SEC-SPX has installed more than 800 direct air cooling systems within the globe.
5. The core tube of single-row finned tubes is oblate carbon steel tube which is coated with aluminum on its outer surface. And the aluminum fin is brazed directly to the core tube, ensuring a perfect connection between the fin and the core.

Technical Advantages
  • Our company has experienced design team, advanced and reasonable design, and superior manufacturing quality.
  • Mechanical ventilation direct air cooling systems have advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, small product resistance and low blower’s energy consumption.
  • In Winter when the back pressure of steam engine is low, the systems can save energy and increase power generation.
  • The air cooled condenser has good anti-corrosion and anti-freezing performance.
  • The air cooled condenser has advantages of high adaptability, strong operational stability and low maintenance costs.
  • Pipeline design is reasonable which can ensure uniform distribution of steam.
  • Our company has a lot of experience in anti-wind design.
  • The steel structure of air cooled condenser has a light weight and stable performance.
  • Our company has mature technology and reasonable price, which makes the product highly competitive in the market.
Leading Position in the Industrial Fields

Shanghai Electric SPX purchased the air-cooling departments of Germany Balcke Dürr in 2002 and bought air-cooling departments of Belgium Harmon in 2003, which is the source of air-cooling technology of SPX. After more than 100 years of research and development, our company has more than 250 world patents and becomes a leader in innovation solutions of power plant cooling system.

Production Capacity and Achievements

The air-cooling technology and patents of SPX are transferred to the joint venture after the joint venture between Shanghai Electric and SPX. At the same time, Shanghai Electric SPX sets up R & D center in Shanghai. The SPX Air Cooling R&D Center in Europe is completely open to Shanghai Electric SPX. The technology will be updated from time to time, which makes the company become a leader in the industry.

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