660MW 1000MW Thermal Power Plant Boiler

660MW 1000MW thermal power plant boiler is an ultra-supercritical, double reheat unit. And its structure is tower type. Main steam pressure is 33MPa.g and main steam temperature is 605℃. In addition, primary/secondary reheat steam temperature is 623/623℃.

  • Single furnace, tower type
  • 660MW 1000MW thermal power plant boiler adopts advanced tangential low NOx combustion technology-- advanced composite air-staged low NOx combustion system which has a high combustion efficiency and low NOx emission.
  • Water wall: Spiral tube is applied in lower furnace while upper furnace uses vertical tube, making the temperature uniform and small deviation.
  • It has flexible reheat steam temperature adjustment method, such as burner tilt, gas damper and flue gas recycle.
  • A great deal of high-grade material are applied to 660MW 1000MW thermal power plant boiler, which has high operational reliability.
  • Wide load range De-NOx operation can be met by using various wide load range De-NOx technology.
  • The resistance of steam water and flue gas is small, which can improve unit operating economy.
  • It is the world's first 1000MW class double reheat boiler which becomes a new global benchmark of thermal power industry.
  • 660MW 1000MW thermal power plant boiler has outstanding performance by adopting double reheat technology .And it becomes the world’s best thermal power unit.
Technical Advantages
  • The capacity of boiler of Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd. covers 50~1240MW. And the parameter of boiler can reach ultra-supercritical. Main steam pressure can reach 33MPa and main steam temperature can reach 605℃. In addition, reheat steam temperature reaches 623℃. The boiler reaches the world leading level.
  • Our company has comprehensive products, including pulverized coal boilers, CFB boilers, arch fired boilers, oil/gas fired boilers, HRSG products, etc.
  • Our company has a lot of iconic achievements, such as the world's first 1000MW class double reheat boiler (Taizhou Power Plant 3 #), the world first 660MW ultra-supercritical tower type boiler (Tianji Power Plant 3#), the domestic first 660MW ultra-supercritical tower type boiler (Pingshan Power Plant 1#), the domestic first 660MW supercritical tower type boiler which burns Sinkiang high-alkali coal (Guowang Hami 4#), domestic CFB boiler with the largest quantity of coal slime in blending combustion (Guotou Panjiang 1# and 2#), etc. Our company has a good demonstration and leading effect on other companies in the industry. The company was honored as Grade I prize of National Science & Technology Advance Award, Outstanding Prize of Science & Technology Award of Chinese Mechanical Industry and First Prize of Science & Technology Progress Award of Shanghai Municipality.
Leading Position in the Industrial Fields

Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd. not only has a strong team which covers design, manufacturing and management. But also it possesses the world's first - class manufacturing and testing equipment. Our company has established a comprehensive and reliable quality assurance system and the quality of product reaches the international advanced level. At present, we have set dozens of "China's first one".

Production Capacity and Achievements
  • Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd.’s predecessor is Yangshupu Factory of Andersen Meyer & Company Ltd which was found in 1921 in Shanghai. And the factory was renamed the Pujiang Machinery Factory in September 1952. Later on September 1, 1953, it was named State-owned Shanghai Boiler Works. Finally it became the Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd. in December 1997.
  • After more than half a century of development, our company has become an important supplier of power plant boiler, large heavy chemical equipment, green facilities for power plants, special boilers, boiler retrofits, and steel structures for buildings.
  • Our company has provided more than 1,000 units of various types of boiler products, including more than 300 units of supercritical/ ultra supercritical boiler products.
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