Wind Power Generation Equipment

Our company produces 2 MW, 2.5 MW, 3.6 MW, and 4 MW series wind turbines that can be fully customized to fit your wind power generation requirements. The windmills offer an excellent source of renewable energy with zero emissions.

    1. 2MW Series Wind Turbine
      These 2MW series wind turbines are double-fed, variable pitch windmills. The wind generators can be produced with rotor diameters of 87 / 93 / 99 / 105 / 111/116 meters. This allows for wind power generation in wind classes from I to IV.
    1. 2.5MW Series Wind Turbine
      Our 2.5MW wind turbine is manufactured using Siemens technology for certified and optimized wind power generation. The design of the windmill is based on the G2 platform and has a reliable energy output and long working life cycle.
    1. 3.6MW Series Wind Turbine
      The 3.6 MW series wind turbines are large capacity offshore turbines that have been designed according to the coastal wind conditions in China. They feature patented technology that results in reliable wind power generation with a steady output of electricity.
    1. 4MW Series Wind Turbine
      The 4MW wind turbine series was introduced by Siemens, the largest producer of turbines in the world. These offshore turbines are intended for large scale wind farms. The efficiency and power output of these windmills is outstanding and they boast an extremely long useful lifetime.