3.6MW Series Wind Turbine

The 3.6 MW series wind turbines are large capacity offshore turbines that have been designed according to the coastal wind conditions in China. They feature patented technology that results in reliable wind power generation with a steady output of electricity. The turbines are aGL grade A design certified, LVRT test certified and power quality test certified.

W3600-116/122/136 power curve
Technical specification
Operating data
Rated power[kw] 3600
Cut-in wind speed[m/s] 3.5
Cut-out wind speed[m/s] 25
Maximum wind speed (3s) wind[m/s] 59.5/59.5/52.5
Operating temperature(℃) -20~+40
survival temperature(℃) -30~+50
Rotor speed range[rpm] 8.3-15.4/8.3-15.4/7.7-14.3
Rated speed range[rpm] 14/14/13
Rated wind speed[m/s] ~12/~11~10
Life cycle[year] 20/25/20
Surface color Light gray RAL 7035
Rotor weight[t] 93.5/95/107
Hub weight[t] 39.5
Nacelle weight[t] ~146
Rotor diameter[m] 116/122/136
Swept area[㎡] 10568/11863/14520
Blade Number 3
Rotor tilt[°] 5
Rotor cone angle[°] 3.5
Blade length[m] 56.4/59.4/66.4
Aerodynamic configuration Aerodyn AE+NACA
Blade material GFRP
Pitch System
Type electric pith system
Pitch speed[°/s] 3.5
Pitch bearing biserial four-point contact ball
Drive chain
connection Rotor hub-rotor shaft: flange; Rotor shaft-gearbox flange; gearbox-generator double flexible coupling
Gearbox type two-stage planetary level parallel axis
gearbox gear ratio 84/84/90.46
gearbox lubricating system Force +splash lubricating
gearbox oil[L] ~800
gearbox oil filter Online +offline fine filter
Cooler gearbox Oil-water-wind cooler
Type Doubly fed induction generator
Rated power[kw] 3828
Rated speed[rpm] 697~1293.6
Rated voltage[v] 690(rotors)/3000(stators)
Grid frequency[Hz] 50
insulation F、H
protection IP54
cooling Water cooler
Apparent power[KVA] 3755
Rated voltage[v] 690
Grid frequency[Hz] 50±5%
Cooling Water cooler
Yaw system
Type Electronic yawing system
Yaw bearing Double row four-point contact ball bearing
Yaw motor yaw motors 4
Yaw rate[°/min] 0.543
Braking system
Type Main braking: blade aerodynamic brake Mechanical braking: High speed shaft mechanical brake
Main braking Blade feathering brake
Mechanical braking High-speed spindle hydraulic disc caliper brake
Loading components
Hub Nodular cast iron
Rotor bearing Rotor bearing double row spherical roller bearing
Rotor Nodular cast iron
Front frame Nodular cast iron
Back frame steel
Nacelle cover(air deflector) GFRP
Control system
Control unit PLC
Process control system Distributed control
Bus control type Power link
Remote control SCADA
Type cylindrical
Wheel hub height[m] 90m or Customize according to the site
Antiseptic anticorrosion painting
Anticorrosion level Following the ISO12944 standards, according to the wind field environment.
Tower Structural steel
Flange Circular forging steel
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